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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Deep fried Beetroot Pockets

These Beetroot Pockets are not only yummy but also healthy!! These yummy fried pockets have Beets filled in them, which makes them healthy! 

We made some Beetroot curry and had quite a bit left over; which then turned into yummy beetroot pockets. This can be a nice way to make kids eat beets! This is again one of those dishes where i like the improvised version more than the original! 

What you need? 
  • Leftover Beetroot curry
  • All purpose flour 
  • Salt 
  • Ghee 
  • Water to mix flour
  • Oil enough to deep fry the pockets

How to make Deep fried Beetroot Pockets! 

Step 1: Lets start with making our dough, mix flour, salt and ghee in a bowl and little water at a time and make smooth dough. Kneed well and make equal sized smooth portions Roll it out into circles with the help of a rolling pin. You can dust it with some wheat flour to avoid the circles sticking. 

Step 2: Spread the beetroot curry on the circles we just made and fold them, they will look like like fluffed semi circles. Like the below picture. 

Step 3: Drop them gently into hot oil and fry till golden brown! Serve hot with a tangy Garlic tomato dip! 

This is how my beetroot curry looked! :) i grated the beets before making a  curry. If your curry is cubed , grind it before you use it as a filling. 

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